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Medisea Soap Bar contains ingredients such as Austrian Heilmoor clay, micro-algae and shea butter which are imported from parts of Europe. The soap blend is manufactured in GMP certified facilities in South East Asia and works for all skin types and climates.


Medisea works rapidly and you should start to see diminished wrinkles, softer skin, and a brighter complexion within days. The ingredients are so naturally powerful that it can reduce the signs of aging skin from even a lifetime of exposure to sun, smoke, pollution and chemicals. Perhaps the most extraordinary benefit is that Medisea functions gently on sensitive skin – something other synthetic treatments simply can’t do.


Medisea含有欧洲进口的奥地利Heilmoor粘土, 微藻和乳木果油等成分. 肥皂混合物在东南亚通过GMP认证的生产, 适合用在所有皮肤状况.

Medisea的功效迅速, 几天之内您就会开始发现皱纹减少, 皮肤柔软和肤色明亮. 这些天然的成分具有强大的功效, 即使在终生暴露于阳光, 烟雾, 污染和化学物质的情况下也可以减少皮肤老化的迹象. 也许最特别的好处是Medisea在敏感皮肤上轻柔地起作用-其他合成疗法根本无法做到.

要使用Medisea之前, 请用水润湿脸部和双手. 把美澡肥皂探在手上形成浓厚的泡沫. 涂在脸上并轻轻按摩, 等待至少三分钟, 让产品的精华被皮肤吸收. 最后用水冲洗干净并在需要时, 可涂保湿在.



Micro-Algae (微藻)

Medisea’s micro-algae is cultivated in Hawaiian fresh water lakes.


  • Moisturizing & Hydrating
  • Brightening
  • Softening
  • Strengthening Skin Defenses

Medisea的微藻是在夏威夷岛的淡水湖中栽培. 具有深层和持久的保湿效果, 同时增强了皮肤防

御机制, 让皮肤异常柔软和光滑.


Heilmoor Clay (Heilmoor粘土)

Extracted 60 feet below ground in Austria, this rare natural clay contains many detoxifying qualities.


  • Purifying
  • Cleansing
  • Tightening
  • Oil Absorbing
  • Rich in Vitamins
  • Rich in Antioxidants

奥地利Heilmoor粘土是一种稀有的深色泥炭, 对皮肤极为有益. 它是由逐浙浸入地下60英尺高的草药, 植物和花朵的逐步改造而成的, 并被一层深厚厚的粘土覆盖, 完全不受空气, 雨水或农业化学污染. 这种天然成分因其深层清洁和净化特性而广受欢迎, 并且自古以来就已用于美容护理.


Shea Butter (乳木果油)

Shear butter is extracted from shea tree nuts in West Africa.


  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Soothing
  • Conditioning and Toning

乳木果油脂从西非的牛油树坚果中提取. 它含有高浓度的维生素和脂肪酸, 具有抗炎和治疗作用. 在身体, 尤其是脸上使用乳木果油, 可以调理, 软化和舒缓皮肤.



Instructions (ENG):

  1. Moisten face and hands with water.
  2. Use Medisea soap bar to form a thick lather on hands, apply onto face and massage gently.
  3. Wait for at least 3 minutes to allow product’s essence to be absorbed into skin.
  4. Rinse off with water and moisturize if needed.

Store in a cool dry place


Instructions (CHN):

  1. 用水润湿脸部和双手.
  2. 把美澡肥皂擦在手上形成浓厚的泡沫. 涂在脸上并轻轻按摩.
  3. 等待至少三分钟, 让皮肤吸收产品的精华.
  4. 用水冲洗干净并在需要时, 可涂保湿霜.



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